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Here you will find information on everything from fixing problems with your PC to making to perfect instant coffee (yes really!)

Much of the information is related to 'Real World' technical issues with PCs and the Internet.  Some on the information takes a little time to digest - and might even be a little surprising, as we are not about to shy away from difficult questions and show you when your supplier definitely does NOT have your interests at heart.

There's a number of pages still missing some or all of their content - It's on its way and will appear shortly, as will our own diary of real problems found during our work supporting and helping PC users.

Of course - if you're not looking FOR any of this, you may have to dig around the site a bit to find something that interests you,

If you feel that you've got the sort of information that we should be imparting on the Internet at large - AND it's something that you've written yourself then please contact us to see if we can use it on the web site.  You will be credited, unless you ask not to be and a little Internet Karma will be sent your way from those finding your contribution useful.

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